Does My Child Need to See a Podiatrist?

by | Aug 31, 2021

Have you noticed changes in your child’s activity level? 

Maybe they aren’t playing as much, or they’re having trouble keeping up with other children their age. 

Do they say their feet are ‘tired’ or sore? Do they seem to trip and stumble more than their peers? 

A common misconception about podiatrists is that we only treat adults, but I like to think that anyone with feet can benefit from seeing a podiatrist, and this includes our pediatric patients. Today we will discuss how to notice the signs that your child may have foot issues, what treatments we can employ to get your child back on their feet, and what you can expect from a pediatric podiatry visit.

How to Recognize a Children’s Foot or Ankle Problem

Children are less likely than adults to vocalize their pain. Instead they say their feet are “tired.” 

Pay attention when they walk. Do their toes point in or out as they walk? It may be helpful to inspect their feet, checking for an extremely flat foot structure or severely high arches. This is especially important as we near the back-to-school season. Foot pain keeps your child from running around, playing with friends, and enjoying just being a kid. 

If you think your child might have foot issues, it doesn’t hurt to bring them to a foot specialist. Doing so when they are still young can be a huge favor to them later in life, when they’ll be able to avoid foot pain and discomfort as adults.

Comprehensive Treatment for Every Age

So you’ve called a podiatrist and scheduled an appointment for your child. What treatments can you expect your podiatrist to utilize? 

  • We offer over the counter insoles called Pure Strides. The brand makes insoles for adults, but they also have a line of specially made insoles for children. 
  • Custom orthotics can also be made for children. Because of the higher levels of activity seen in children, a custom orthotic device can be extremely helpful. Custom orthotics are made of a special material with “memory,” so as the child wears them and they are thrown out of whack, the devices can be adjusted back to their original form. 
  • I always make sure to advise my patients and their parents on what shoes they should be wearing, as well. 

Having Confidence in Your Child’s Foot Care Team 

Bringing a child into a health care setting can be overwhelming for parents and kids alike. 

I am a physician, but I’m also a parent. I know how scary it can be to put faith in someone other than yourself to care for your child. I strive to create an educational, safe, and comfortable environment for all of my patients, regardless of age. 

Our office is a safe place for everyone, and we ensure every patient leaves feeling better than when they walked in, even if that just involves some peace of mind. 

Ask your child’s pediatrician for a referral if you think a visit to a specialist is warranted. They can give you a direct referral, or at least provide the names of some reputable physicians that they trust.

Getting Your Little Ones Back on Their Feet

At the end of the day, parenting is a culmination of doing anything you can to keep your child healthy and happy. Seeing them slowing down, complaining of tired feet, and not enjoying the things they usually love can be concerning. 


Taking care of your children’s feet now is just another way you can set them up for success in the future. Call us to schedule an appointment at our Freeland office, or fill out our online contact form

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