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Winter Boots That Won’t Hurt Your Feet

Ah, winter in Michigan! Hey, it’s not all bad. Sure, most of us get a little sick of the cold after a while. A big blanket of the white stuff also isn’t so great if you need to drive somewhere in a hurry—or don’t have covered parking. But going out and having...

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Caring for Your Loved One’s Foot Needs

At one point or another, you might be called into a caregiving role for someone else with foot issues. A parent or spouse, perhaps. Maybe even a close friend or a child.Sometimes it’s an open-ended arrangement—like caring for an aging or ill relative who needs ongoing...

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Tips to Keep Heel Pain Away

If we were to come up with a list of all the foot and ankle problems we see regularly that keep people from doing what they love … First of all, that’d be a very long list. Second, there’s a good chance we’d put “heel pain” right at the very top. Aching heels are an...

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How to Check Your Child’s Foot Health

As a parent, you’re no doubt very accustomed to checking and attending to your little one’s bumps, bruises, aches, and pains. Skinned knees? Seems like once per week all summer long. Bump on the noggin? All the time. But while a fresh shiner or an open cut is pretty...

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