Podiatrist Recommended Running Shoes

by | May 28, 2021

There are many ways to enhance your experience as a runner: stretching to get ready for a run, fueling your body with plenty of water and nutrient rich foods, prioritizing rest days, and more. All of those things, while important, won’t mean much if you aren’t putting the right shoes on your feet. Read on to find out why the right shoe is so crucial.

Why are good running shoes important?

Whether you run competitively or as a hobby, the right shoe with the proper fit will help you avoid injuries and even more serious conditions that will have you in a great deal of pain. We’ve already discussed the possible damage to the feet that can be caused by running in a recent blog.  

  • Shoes that are too big or too small can cause blisters, calluses, and damage to your toenails. 
  • If your shoes don’t have enough support, the constant pounding of your feet on the ground with little to no shock absorption can result in plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia.

What makes a good shoe a good shoe?

The part of the shoe that supports your heel, often called the ‘heel counter,’ should be rigid. You should not be able to push the back of the heel down towards the inside of the shoe. It should not be easy to twist or ‘wring out’ the shoe. Good stability through the midsole is crucial. There should also be the ability to slightly bend the shoe in the same area where the toes of your feet bend. This part of the shoe should flex, or slightly bend up towards the sky.

What do the pros recommend?

While Doctor Dailey runs as a hobby, his years of schooling and experience as a podiatrist gives him an edge when it comes to recommending shoes. Here are some of his recommendations, in no particular order:

  • Brooks: If you see Dr. Dailey running around the clinic seeing patients or running a 5k, you’ll probably see him wearing Brooks’ Glycerins. Brooks also makes Addictions, Adrenaline, Ariels, Beasts, and Vapors: all of which are great options.
  • Hoka: Bondi, Conquest, and Stinston are three noteworthy choices from this versatile shoe brand. If you are a fan of trail running or hiking, lacing up a pair of theTor Ultra Hi or the Tor Summits from Hoka will be the best part of your hike.
  • New Balance: Often overlooked but rarely duplicated, New Balance has rebranded itself from a stereotypical ‘dad’ shoe into gear suited for the everyday sports lover as well as trained athletes. Check out the following New Balance products and see (or rather feel) for yourself: 990, 1012, 1260, 1540.

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